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PostSubject: ANIMANIA- RIKA MATSUMOTO~!!!!!   Wed May 12, 2010 7:27 pm

Now as many of you know, here in Australia it is rare that we have the honor for a Japanese seiyu to visit us at any time...ever. I was informed earlier tonight by Sutcliffe (Aka Jenna whos never on the forums >__< ) that we now get to have this honour. Rika Matsumoto- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rica_Matsumoto will be coming to Australia to Animania Day 2 September 12th to sing and hopefully do a little meet and greet. The announcement has been posted on the Animania site in the news section- http://animania.net.au/2010/news and for me personally is a very exciting thing because not only was she the popular Satoshi (popularly known as Ash from Pokemon) but she was also the VERY lovely voice of Yami No Bakura from Yugioh (episode 50-224). Many of you probably aren't really fans or don't really care, but I just thought for anyone who IS a fan or recognizes her from many of her other roles over the years might be interested to know this..


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