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 Friends Get Together

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PostSubject: Friends Get Together   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:31 pm


Time Wednesday at 12:00am - January 13 at 12:00am


Location My Place
57 Oliver Street Bexley North 2207


Created By Wen Cheng


More Info v([=].[=])^ ---( *hey guys.....* )

Last time my NERF PARTY got sunk and this is wot u ppl missed out:

...Anyways....I'll keep it short. (Viet Le said last one event invite notice was too long and ppl cbf reading it)

This will be a light fun get together for friends.

I've got Nerf guns if ppl wanna play and shoot each other (and me most of the times)

FOXTEL if ppl wanna watch my shitload of Law n order SVU and FOX8 (yes i know there's the porn channel but no one is gonna watch that)

Play my Starcraft2 and WoW (no you can't hack my account)

There's also a spa (so bring ya own bathers n swimsuits and towels, non will be provided for u)

And Russian Roulette UNO (yes there is a chance u'll be shot)

I'll be cooking most of the food for lunch n dinner and u can bring some of ya own food n drinks if u like. (it mostly fried foods and some family cookin so yes u WILL get fat)

So yeah...i hope this short enough so ppl will give a stuff reading it (happy now Viet?)

BTW James, u still got ya textbook at my place and my dad finished reading it and said it's a ripoff
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PostSubject: Re: Friends Get Together   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:03 am

unfortunatly i'm unable to attend
you people have fun
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Friends Get Together
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