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 Screening feedback and opinion

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PostSubject: Screening feedback and opinion   Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:43 pm

Okay so i've posted this in some threads but Otoha suggested i make a thread for this discussion.
So i've noticed after today's screening.. a certain someone keeps making comments and remarks regardless of what we screen..
and i understand why but i thought since we're all at a mature age - we could just watch whatever we screen and be fine with it. Like Panty&Stocking and their sexual references, Kamen Maid Guy how breast and nipples was shown which we totally forgot they did that.. but i see everyone seems to be fine except maybe a few .. especially a certain someone.
SO~ i just like to ask for people's opinion and feedback on if we screen animes that contain:
- high level thriller
- high level fanservice which may but close to nudity.. so nudity except with censoring with use of torn clothes etc. and panty flashing etc.
- Sexual references .. for example in panty&stocking
- Lots of blood shown and killing.

Please post what you feel and share your feedbacks and also include on things you're not comfortable with or comfortable with so know what to actually screen that's fine for everyone.

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Screening feedback and opinion
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