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 Things for future inspiration

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PostSubject: Things for future inspiration   Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:05 pm

A list of random ideas either that I either suddenly think of or I might have had a dream about etc. Anything that I might be able to use for a story or drawing in future.

Dream from 28/12/11 - Park in a city, group of people can be seen glancing interestedly at something on sidewalk. Some kind of new species of bug. Theyre like ants in that they form a long trail to gather food and bring it back to the ant hill, and apparantly they are a type of ant. But theyre they look like bright lime green shoebox sized spiders. Theyre very passive seeming though, just like ants, and if you don't bother them they dont seem to bother you. Also, the people hanging around this city/park are predominantly elderly. One old lady picks up one of the spiderants and happily plays around with it like one would a puppy. Then it sprouts a scorpion tail and stings her. This suddenly causes mass panic and there are people running and yelling and screaming. Until now I havent actually been a part of the dream myself, but I just watch on and facepalm, thinking that they were all silly for messing about with the animals.

Random: glass edge made from smelting the sands of time in hellfire. hellfire/phoenix fire/ dragon fire/ star fire forges various different blades. Clothes woven from strands of time/threads of fate/ fabric of space.

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Things for future inspiration
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