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 Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~

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PostSubject: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:05 pm

Happy 21st Birthday Michelle!

You can tell that the club has been around for a while when the majority of the senior members have had at least 2 birthday threads on the forum!

Ever since being in high school, I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a close-knit club that did random things, and was always disappointed that high school didn't encourage the establishment of many student societies.

When I found out there was an anime and manga club in my second semester at the Parramatta campus, you wouldn't believe how excited I was! I loved every club session and I still do to this day.

I honestly can't imagine what my uni life would have been like if ParraNOIA (Anime and Mangaka Club Desu~) didn't exist, and with memories such as the first time we raided a lecture room to the time we held our first stall at SMASH 2010, those are the things I'll remember most when I graduate, and I'm sure other members share the same sentiment as well.

It's amazing that you, along with Celeste have managed to build such a wonderful community filled with irreplaceable people. I will always be thankful for the time and effort you poured into this club and I hope the new members will be able to continue the ParraNOIA legacy once we're all gone.

When I was designing the shirts, Kai helped out with a lot of the design decisions and we both wanted you to have the first official ParraNOIA tee! The difference between this version and the others is that we've added 'club president' below the logo. So whenever you come back from clinicals, we're expecting you to wear it haha.


Happy Birthday once again and thank you for creating the best club at UWS! ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:40 am

Oh man, if Mishi gonna get a shirt of her own, you know Russ is gonna demand one as well. And then a huge domino effect will happen from there Razz

Well since we're having a toast, let's follow in a similar fashion.

First time entering university, I've always had one main goal to stick up and that was to make as many friends as possible. As you probably guessed it, being a member of the the ParraNOIA club has successfully acheived my goal there.

I remember the first time I've met you and the guys. It was March 03 2010, I was coming back from the bookstore from EB, lugging a paper bag of book when I met you guys in a huge bunch with signs saying join the anime club. Thought it was a parade of some sort but yeah, I really did like the signs there. Pretty cool.

You've been through a lot of crazy times in the club huh? Especially with Russ' hilarious yet facepalming antics, huh? You singing Barbie Girl at karaoke session (yes, I got the film to prove it >=D ), Making me ditching my IBL lecture so we can crash at the city and listening to whatever crazy dream I had, whether it be zombies, zombies, matrix or even more zombies!

Thanks for all the effort you put into the club as president. That's all that I'm trying to say here (or attempting to)

So here's to you.

Happy Birthday Michelle and thanks for creating one hell of a club at UWS! You've mine and the other members have a colorful and exciting campus life!

Mann Vs Machine
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:13 am

Hey Mishi-chi!

Since I'm not particularly good with words at times, I'm going to keep this brief. When I started uni back in 2008 one thing I wanted was to be part of student life and not go through my degree having done nothing but well...the degree itself. And one of those things I wanted to do was to join a club.

Like Hiro, I also remember the first time I met you guys. Granted, I don't remember the exact time frame (though my guess is that it was also 2009). I'd seen the advertisement somewhere so I'd gone looking for you all. And I found you on the green between the EA and what's now known as the Hub.

I'd always hope that my timetables wouldn't clash with the planned meeting times (and probably tried to work the timetable around the meetings when I could). I'd probably come to the meets when I wasn't busy with work...and even when I was.

Anyways...here's to you, Mishi-chi, the ParraNOIA Club President. Happy Birthday and I hope you're having an awesome day.


P.S. Well...okay I did write more than I said.

P.P.S. I posted one cookie on FB but here are some more:

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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:58 am

happy bathday

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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:42 am

Thank you everyone in advance! ^.^ And happy birthday to Sue Lynn! Yay we share the same birthday!
I still feel old T^T

Being Meguca is suffering...
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:13 pm

oh, of course! we shall have a toast to michelle the co founder with celeste of the parranoia club!

ahh i remember the first time i met you back in highschool, we were the awesome pair XD
i remember all our random drawing sessions which led to meeting others in highschool and your drawings were always a favourite because of your sweet designs :3
i have a feeling that if i continue with highschool this post will get much too long!

^^ i'm so proud of you mish! you had 100 times more courage than me and had created such a wonderful club! even though i got into another uni i feel this club still made me more welcome than all other clubs put together it's just something special~

i'll forever remember all the random fun we've had together all these years ^^ and don't forget! if you feel old there will always be an oneesan who will be a year older 8'3 *cries*

^^ haha stay young at heart and have a wonderful 21st birthday!

<3 Anna~


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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:17 pm

Happy Birthday
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:44 pm

Woah, Since when do people write long messages. Ima stick to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for now --lazy 83





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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:04 am

Happy Belate birthday!!
sorry internet has been down
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:42 pm

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

I hope you had a super happy fun time today
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:17 pm

Happy bday mishi~
such a shame you wernt there today, but we had fun on your behalf
regards, Zarc Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~   

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Happy 21st Birthday Mishi~
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