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 NOMINATIONS HERE- ParraNOIA's first ever club leadership election

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PostSubject: NOMINATIONS HERE- ParraNOIA's first ever club leadership election   Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:01 pm

Nominations are now open for club president!

Along with leadership duties, it is important to be able to liase with the uni (uws connect now) about anything club-related, from funding to room bookings.
Must be dedicated and willing to put time and effort to making ParraNOIA better and responsible! Training provided ^.^

If you believe you are a suitable person for this role, please apply! You can only nominate yourself at the nomination thread and fill out a form.
At the upcoming club meeting, 2/8/2012, will be the official nomination meeting unless there are enough serious candidates to start their campaigns,
then the following week would be the election where there will be a secret ballot for voting.

Good luck and I wish you all the best~

Michelle (club founder)


Applicants fill in this form as soon as possible and post it on this thread:

Name: (real name and nickname)
Username: (on the forums)
Position applying for: (testing)
Reason why: (this is serious <.<, joke applications will be deleted)
Strengths: (what are you good at?)
How would you make ParraNOIA a better club: (list reasons as well)
What club activities would you suggest: (appropriate)
If you were club president, what would be the first thing you would do: (has to be serious)

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PostSubject: Re: NOMINATIONS HERE- ParraNOIA's first ever club leadership election   Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:49 pm

/Nominates self
name : Alia/smiles
username: smiles
position: Club president
reasons why: No other possible candidate. also i believe i can organise alot of anime rellated events and always try my hardwst to make sure everyone has fun. im 100% confident i can run the club.
strengths: im really goodat coming up with ideas and events. i talk to everyone in the club alot so i know basically everyone personally. i can get along with almost everyone. if i have support i can also organise alot of acticites for the club!

how would you make parranoia a better club?: id start of by trying to be more organised. more than one offical clubeeting per week. get people to be mor involved in anime related activites.
Club activites to suggest:Quiz week. we did this ack in my first year and had a real good positive end result. anime competitions were people are experts intheir fav anime and compete to win anime related goods.
First thing youd do: nominate a vice president to help suupport me. and start working on quiz week!




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NOMINATIONS HERE- ParraNOIA's first ever club leadership election
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