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 Rules & Important Information~

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Rules & Important Information~ Empty
PostSubject: Rules & Important Information~   Rules & Important Information~ I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 6:11 pm

Version 1.0


Version 1.1

Rules? Yeah, we have rules to abide by unfortunately, but they're fairly simple and won't destroy the nature of our fun-filled club!

1. Be nice! Yes, even if you do not agree with another person's opinion, there's absolutely no need to engage in the arts of flaming and spam your lethal words across the board. We're a friendly community and this isn't going to change for the next 500 decades, assuming that we're still the number one club in Sydney! Booyah! That said, if you still feel the need to settle this out with another member or quite possibly a troll, there's always the good ol' chatbox! Of course, the loser will be locked up in a cage for a month! Kidding, or are we? ; )

2. There comes a time when some posters feels that it's necessary to uphold their justice and spam useless, provocative and irrelevant posts in threads. Although you won't be banned for spamming (unless it's face-breaking bad), your posts may become a bit of a nuisance to the community, so it's in your best interest to be well-behaved and yes, tidy up that hair of yours!

3. No double posting. However, considering the majority of members break this particular rule all the time (including me), you will not get told off for double posting! The rule is here to keep the forum simple and clean. There is an exception to this rule though! Double posting is fine if the last post made in a topic is more than 2 week's old. That's all there is to it!

4. One account per person. If that wasn't already obvious enough, it would be much appreciated if you didn't have tons of random alias floating around the board. Why? Figure that out yourself!

5. This last rule will always be my favourite! Just have common sense (buy a new one if you've lost it) and happy posting! It pretty much sums up all of the above into one simple sentence, and you can't go wrong unless your common sense is somehow misguided by the evil forces of Britannia. If that's the case, Haru vi Britannia commands you to obey the forum rules and smile why you're at it! "Yes my lord."

Recommended Avatar & Signature Size

Avatar: 100x100 pixels
Signature 500x150 pixels

Your signature can be any size as long as it doesn't exceed the recommended 500x150 pixel limit due to space constraints. Same will apply to forum avatars! Oh, and inappropriate images or words that are deemed intolerable in accordance to the club's standards will be removed by one of the forum administrators.


The chatbox is basically a place where you can chat to new and current members, discuss about various topics or simply hangout. There isn't much rules to follow, but please be nice to others and don't spam tons of images and emoticons as it may lag and cause the chatbox to become dysfunctional.


Rules & Important Information~ Nichijoudpharu
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Rules & Important Information~
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